VIRASAT Herbal Plants


Barleria prionitis (Kala-bansa)

A much-branched shrub up to 1.8m tall, the lower leaf axils have spines 1–2 cm in length, one of the specific features of this Barleria The stem and branches are terete, smooth, lenticellate and glabrous. The leaves are elliptic to ovate (4-10.5 × 1.8-5.5 cm) with both surfaces pubescent when young but becoming glabrescent soon. The large golden-yellow flowers are clustered in the axils of the upper leaves and/or on bracts. Apically spinose calyx lobes and a yellowish to orange corolla are...


Mimosa pudica(Chui-mui)

The stem is erect in young plants, but becomes creeping or trailing with age. It can hang very low and become floppy. The stem is slender, branching, and sparsely to densely prickly, growing to a length of 1.5 m (5 ft). The leaves are bipinnately compound, with one or two pinnae pairs, and 10–26 leaflets per pinna. The petioles are also prickly. Pedunculate (stalked) pale pink or purple flower heads arise from the leaf axils in mid summer with more and more flowers as the plant gets older....


Lawsonia inermis(Mehndi)

Henna is a tall shrub or small tree, standing 1.8 to 7.6 m tall (6 to 25 ft). It is glabrous and multi-branched, with spine-tipped branchlets. The leaves grow opposite each other on the stem. They are glabrous, sub-sessile, elliptical, and lanceolate (long and wider in the middle; average dimensions are 1.5–5.0 cm x 0.5–2 cm or 0.6–2 in x 0.2–0.8 in), acuminate (tapering to a long point), and have depressed veins on the dorsal surface. Henna flowers have four sepals and a 2 mm (0.079...