Best out of Waste:

Virasat The Heritage village will be the unique center encouraging best from the waste material. All the sections of the village will be made by the waste material. The team of heritage village has been visiting villages and states for the collection of waste material. The waste material will be the artistically displayed and utilized.

Rural Craft Centre:

On the National highway from Delhi to Amritsar this project will promote the rural tourism, craft tourism and the agro tourism. So , this project is the cluster of three combination. In this project there will be app. 60 sections and gallery of the traditional occupation of India. The richness of this project will be Architectural art and history of the traditional craft occupation and the collection of antiquities of that profession. This centre will be the attraction of folk culture, heritage, art, tradition and craft. Following galleries will be the part of this centre.

National Agricultural Museum:

India is land of agriculture . More than 60% of population depend upon agriculture. . There are 28 states which have their own agricultural history, but there is no National Agriculture Museum with their traditional documentation in India. So, in this museum there will be a setup of National level Agriculture Museum which will depict the traditional agricultural history of different states .

Unique Antique Centre:

The Virasat Heritage village will be the centre of Antique unique collections of the traditional occupation with their ancestral history. The antique collection will be from the different corner of India which will be the part of exhibition of the gallery of the village and also attract International and National tourists.

Craft sale counter:

There will be a craft sale counter in the museum where craftsmen will make the productivity according to the market demand in a very traditional way to attract the tourists . These Products will be available online also.

Activities Centre:

This Virasat Heritage Village will be the centre of attraction for the colleges, schools and national level institutes and Universities. Activities for art, culture, workshop, seminar, exhibitions, adventure camps will be the regular feature of the village. That activities will be highlighted in social, electronic and print media. Some capsule courses related to culture, heritage, history, geeta, yoga also proposed for International students.

Spiritual, Yoga and Meditation Centre:

Kurukshetra is a land of Mahabharata and Geeta. So that spiritual, yoga and Meditation classes will be the regular feature for the International and Indian tourists. This center will be the centre of attraction for health improvement tips. There will be expert of their field will be organized regular classes and courses.

Electricity production out of waste:

This Virasat Heritage Village will be eco-friendly center for the tourists. There will be a unit which will produce the electricity from the waste.

Conference Room:

There will be traditional conference room for app. 200 delegates to organized seminar, workshop training and social awareness programmes. In this conference room regular, cultural heritage, craftsman training programme and academic activities will be organized.

Open Air Theatre:

TThere will be set-up open air theatre for International and national cultural performances. On the special occasion of the festival there will be performed literary and cultural performances for the International and national tourists. There will be capacity of sitting 500 tourists in open air theatre.

Traditional and Organic Food Centre:

The Virasat Heritage village will be spread over in 8 acre. So that there will be served traditional and organic food for the tourists in traditional way with Chula and Charpaie There will be also a traditional restaurant for the food services inside in the village and outside of the village also.

Skill Development Centre:

The Virasat Heritage village will be the centre of skill development. The craftsman will give their training to new generation for their job orientation and skill development. There will be organized seminar and workshop with national level institute and with their students. The basic propose of this centre is to promote the traditional skill in the market for the coming craftsman of the future.

Job Orientation Centre:

The Virasat Heritage Village will be the centre of attraction for the entrepreneurship and rural culture. There will be creation of app. 500 jobs in the different field of this village like the management, administration, performer, craftsman etc.

International Cultural Centre:

The Virasat Heritage Village will be the centre of International cultural centre for the performing their culture on the stage of Heritage village. There will be invited International cultural troops for their performances and the Indian troops will make their performances on the performing stage of the Heritage village.

International Art Centre:

The Virasat Heritage Village will be the International Art centre. There will be set-up International Art gallery where the artist from the India and abroad will display their exhibition temporarily. The basic propose of this art centre is to promote the Indian art among the International tourists and the promotion of Indian art on International level. There will be MOU with different abbess of the different countries.

Traditional Architecture Centre:

The Virasat Heritage Village will be centre of attraction of the traditional architecture of India. There will be set-up app. 60 traditional houses for the craftsman. These houses will be the real form of traditional architecture of the craftsman houses.

Traditional Yagshala:

The Virasat Heritage Village will be the centre of Indian culture and heritage. So the tradition of Indian society Yag will be the regular feature of the heritage village. There will be organized yagshala companying among the youths for the eco-friendly awareness. There will be organized Yag on every Sunday and on the occasion of holy festivals.

Traditional Banquet Hall:

The Virasat Heritage village will be the centre of tradition of India. So that there will be setup Banquet Hall in the village for the destination and traditional wedding. This banquet centre for the marriage purposes will provide the complete package for the traditional marriage in Indian style.

Organic Farming:

The Virasat Heritage village will be the centre of attraction for the organic productivity awareness campaign. There will be make lesion to surrounding farmer for the awareness of organic farming. The productivity of organic crops will be purchase from the organic farmers and also will sale out on the counter of Virasat Heritage village. So that surrounding and associated farmers will get their crops benefits directly.

Centre of birds:

The Virasat Heritage Village will be centre of birds . there will be set-up a (Chabutra) platform for birds. There will be also maid bird tower with mud for the growth and eco-friendly environment for local birds staying. The birds feed spooning will be the attraction for the tourists.

Farm House Culture:

The Virasat Heritage Village will be the centre of traditional farm house culture. All activities related to farming will be the part of this farm. Antiquities related to farming and cultivating will be the main attraction of this farm. The farm will be natural and eco-friendly.

Natural and eco-friendly center:

The Virasat Heritage Village will be spread over on 8 acer land attached with G.T. Road. So that there will be Emphases on Natural Environment and landscaping the houses of the craftsman will be made in natural way by mud and husk. For there original shape. beside this there will be traditional plants plantations the village for their original look. This place will be plastic free zone. The Electricity will be generated through solar panel. There will be water harvesting system for the conversation and saving of the water. The beauty of this village will be made through thousands type of horticulture plantation. There will be traditional medical plants corner which will be the part of open air Museum plantations.